I grew up quite “Sound of Music”- style, in a small town in Carinthia, the very South of Austria.
It was perhaps already then, in this culturally rich environment, that the foundation for who I’m today as a person and an artist was laid. I remember times during my childhood where I would completely dive into a certain period or theme and gather as much information and objects as I could find regarding that subject, by using all kinds of sources.

These were the origins of how my creative process as a director still works today: It is based on natural curiosity, instinct and interest to explore the soul of each project and brand, source the inspiration, distill the information, and create the film.

Through my professional as well as private life I have been very lucky to meet-, and learn from extraordinary personalities along the way, live in several countries, and to have acquired the availability to speak five different languages fluently (German, English, French, Spanish and Italian).

My multicultural sensibility and understanding also reflects in my work, often drawing inspirations from Italian and French cinema, photography – everything from Helmut Newton to Peter Beard, music – here again I’m really diverse and go through different periods and styles – from Johann Sebastian Bach to Rosalia and everything in between.

No matter what the project is, if big or small, my ultimate goal is always the same: To create a visually beautiful film that evokes emotion and touches people.