Shortfilm shot on 35mm
featuring Henrik Fallenius and Alexia Giordano

J’adore Paris…


This portrait of Catherine Baba for NARS Cosmetics is an intimate visual poem of surrealism, a symphony of contrasts and situations, looking behind the veil of a woman who may be the most stylish mystery in the world. Using breathtaking Paris as a backdrop, the film draws inspirations from the silver-screen days of cinema, blends it with Warholean elements and 1970ties photography, thus giving the edit character and creating a mirror image of the stile and personality of Miss Baba herself.It finishes all up with a dash of Irony, a sparkling twinkle in the eye and a big MWOAAAHZ!

An Obsession

Maisons des Talons

A steamy cocktail of beauty, seduction and lust is “An Obsession”, starring utterly beautiful Katrin Thormann and French actor David Kammenos (Transporter3, Empire of the Wolves just to mention a few).
Produced as a special project with participation of luxury shoe brand “Maison des Talons” and Crush Fanzine, the short-movie features garments of the collections of high end fashion brands such as Dior Homme , Maison des Talons, Lanvin, Veronique Leroy, Zac Posen and Iceberg, all blended to create a classic French style – BoBo chic.

Flair in Love

Flair Magazine

Supermodel Katrin Thormann stars as a young actress questioning her place in the world, coping with loneliness and dreaming of love.
Shot at the shores of Long Island the film strongly draws it’s inspiration from the 1960ties, integrating Marilyn’s destiny with Bardot’s style and featuring garments of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Prada, and Dolce&Gabbana.